This past week we've seen plenty of brief teasers for 'Orphan Black' season 2, even a quick trailer, but the newest looks at our favorite #CloneClub tease the most exciting developments yet. Pro-Clone Rachel poses an impossible choice to poor Paul, as Sarah finds a new man in her life, plucked straight from the pages of 'Game of Thrones'!

While we've yet to spend very much time with Tatiana Maslany's latest clone iteration Rachel, the latest 'Orphan Black' season 2 teaser shows her much more aware than we'd expected, pressing Paul (Dylan Bruce) to decide between his position, and loyalty to Sarah. That loyalty may come to be tested, as the second teaser sees Sarah hooking up with someone we've yet to meet, as portrayed by upcoming 'Game of Thrones' season 4 star Michiel Huisman. The new Daario Naharis is stepping out on Dany already!

So far, we know of ‘Orphan Black’ season 2 that ‘Suits‘ star and fan Patrick J. Adams scored a role in the newest run of episodes, while co-creator Graeme Manson previously said of the new episodes that we’d learn much more about the “Neolution” conspiracy that seems tied to the clones’ origins, as well as the mysterious disease the women seem subject to.

'Orphan Black' season 2 will officially premiere on BBC-A April 19, but in the meantime, what say you? Will Rachel manage to turn Paul, finally? Who's Sarah's new mystery man, and how long will it be before Emilia Clarke calls in the dragons? Watch the latest 'Orphan Black' season 2 trailers above and below, and give us your predictions in the comments!

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