For the past few years we've been seeing Owen Wilson stay on the less aggressive side of the acting tracks, taking on more comedies and lighthearted dramas instead of leaning towards the action end of the pool. Now the actor is gearing up to be the lead in an upcoming action-thriller film for the first time since 'Behind Enemy Lines'.

The thriller that we're talking about is John Erick Dowdle's new movie 'The Coup,' written by John Erick and Drew Dowdle. Deadline reports that the story is centered on an American family that moves to Southeast Asia, finding themselves tangled up in a violent coup where rebels start attacking the city.

The last time Owen Wilson was in an even semi-action packed movie was when he starred in 'Around the World in 80 Days' and 'Starsky & Hutch,' the last real action movie he was in being 'Behind Enemy Lines.' Obviously it's been awhile, since both of those movies came out in 2004. People absolutely love Owen Wilson in his comedies, especially in 'Wedding Crashers' along with the 'Meet the Parents' and 'Night at the Museum' series, but it's nice to see an actor change it up every once in awhile.

Principal photography for 'The Coup' is set to begin this October in Southeast Asia. Owen Wilson was last seen in 'The Big Year' and the Oscar-winning movie 'Midnight in Paris.'