The 2013 Oscars finally had its big night Sunday, February 24, and during all the pre-show hype coming from the red carpet, we caught a glimpse of the new 'Oz, the Great and Powerful' Oscars trailer. Check it out after the break.

As stars like Naomi Watts, Melissa McCarthy, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence (who was awesome enough to ask Ryan Seacrest, "Is there food here?") were trickling in on the 2013 Oscars red carpet, Disney couldn't miss out on the chance to showcase some new footage of its upcoming 'Wizard of Oz' prequel during the commercial breaks through the new 'Oz, the Great and Powerful' Oscars trailer.

In the film, James Franco plays Oscar Diggs, who eventually becomes the Wonderful Wizard. On his very first journey to the Land of Oz, he comes across three witches, played by Michelle Williams, Mila Kunis and Rachel Weisz, who initially believe him to be the prophesied savior of Oz, but will he be?

What's new in the 'Oz, the Great and Powerful' Oscars trailer is a few bits of footage not shown in the previous bundle of TV spots, trailers and clips (if you can believe that -- Lord knows there have been lots of them). Among them is one famous line all you 'Wizard of Oz' fans will know well: "Fly, my pretties! Fly!" (Well, part of it anyway.) Check it out in full below, and be sure to watch 'Oz, the Great and Powerful' in theaters March 8.