Though 'Pacific Rim' may be touted as one of the bigger disappointments of summer based on its domestic gross, it looks like international has saved the film and then some. After opening on Wednesday in China to the tune of nine million dollars, 'Pacific Rim 2' talk is back on.

There had been hopes for a sequel (director Guillermo del Toro had spoken about wanting to continue the story), but now it looks like that might happen as Deadline is reporting that the record-breaking numbers coming out of China are refueling sequel talks. And with Japan and Spain also set to open the picture today, and with the picture opening Brazil August 9, the movie is still making money.

'Pacific Rim' cost near $200 million dollars (possibly over or under), and though it's currently at $86 million domestic -- and may not cross the hundred million dollar mark in America -- these Chinese numbers put the film near $150 million internationally. If the opening weekend continues to be as big, the film should be well over $200 million internationally by the end of the weekend, putting it around $300 million worldwide. That's not enough to put the film in the black, but if the film keeps playing, and with home video sales, it should make a tidy little profit.

This also points out something that's been readily apparent for a while now: Domestic gross is no longer king, and international markets are as important, if not more so, for the biggest titles. Guillermo del Toro has his sights set on '' next, but it's possible this could be rushed into production.

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