A lot has recently been written on the box office prospects of Guillermo del Toro’s 'Pacific Rim,' which some forecasters think will land with a great big thud in two weeks. However, it looks like it's got some competition in the form of -- wait for it -- 'Grown Ups 2.'

About one week ago, a report came in (from Variety) that ‘Pacific Rim’ was not tracking particularly well, which is worrisome for a movie that cost upwards of $200 million. Even more distressing: its tracking is evidently behind that of 'Grown Ups 2,' the Adam Sandler sequel which is ... c’mon, it’s ‘Grown Ups 2’! Guillermo del Toro has even felt it necessary to address the mediocre numbers in an effort to perk up those of us who are genuinely excited for the picture.

Tracking can be inaccurate, of course, and the studio still has about two weeks to step up the marketing for ‘Pacific Rim’ and build awareness. So let’s see who’s interested in giant robots fighting giant monsters and who’s not. Are you looking forward to ‘Pacific Rim,' or are you more interested in 'Grown Ups 2'? Vote in our poll and comment below.