Remember when Adam Sandler told Hollywood that if he doesn't win the Oscar for Best Actor in Uncut Gems, he will make a bad movie "on purpose"? In the case of that event, it looks like he'd have no problem getting the job done thanks to TV writer and comedian Tom Scharpling.

Known for his writing credits on shows such as Monk and Difficult People, as well as hosting the comedy podcast The Best Show, Scharpling has another hidden talent stashed up his sleeve: writing hilarious spec scripts for bad movies. In his free time, Scharpling penned a 52-page script for a movie absolutely no one would want to see. That movie is "Grown Ups 3."

The screenplay is available in all its glory on Scharpling's custom-made webpage for the fictitious movie. If you have an hour, definitely give it a read. Remember: it's not for people who laugh with Grown Ups, it's for people who laugh AT Grown Ups. The script begins like any other Grown Ups movie, filled with cheap-shot jokes and painfully unrealistic dialogue. But five pages in and BAM! the story goes full-blown meta. Besides being wildly entertaining, the script can also be viewed as a commentary on cheap, mass-market comedies churned out on the regular.

But Scharpling isn't trying to rain on Sandler's parade at all. On his webpage, he makes it very clear that the parody script is only "poking fun" and was written as "a celebration." In that case, let the party begin.

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