This week at Comic-Con, Pacific Rim Uprising got its first teaser video, finally giving us an official look at John Boyega and several of the new Jaegers in the sequel. Sadly, the bit of promotional propaganda was all too short, and it was a bit of a challenge to really grasp everything the new Jaegers would be bringing to the table. We still don’t know much about the plot for Uprising, and why there are once again so many Jaegers in commission. Not that we’re complaining. New mechs are always awesome, and thanks to Tamashii Nations, we have a much better idea of what three of the new Jaegers will look like in Uprising.

Though they were teased earlier this year at a special Tamashii anniversary event, the Pacific Rim Uprising Robot Spirits figures weren’t officially unveiled until this weekend. The line will kick off with three of the core mechs getting figures in February 2018, including the successor to Gipsy Danger, Gipsy Avenger. The sleeker, more agile model of the Gipsy Jaeger is the one Boyega will pilot, though it’s not clear who his drift partner will be just yet.

There will also be two beefier Jaegers, Bracer Phoenix and Titan Redeemer, in the Robot Spirits line to complement Gipsy Avenger. Though it’s not visible in these prototype images, the description on Tamashii’s official site inform us that Bracer Phoenix’s chest can open for “shooting mode,” whatever that may be. It’s not that hard to see what kind of combat power Titan Redeemer brings to the party, given that its left hand is a gigantic ball of death.

While all three of the Robot Spirits figures will be budget-friendly ($20-30), fans hoping for a more prestige Pacific Rim release won’t be disappointed. Gipsy Danger is getting the full Chogokin (die-cast metal) treatment from Tamashii. At 9” tall, the Gipsy Danger Chogokin will have plenty of articulation, weapon accessories (including that freighter), and light-up features in the chest and arms. This one will set you back quite a bit though, as the figure will cost around $250 here in the states. It is pretty though, so maybe it won’t be that hard to convince yourself to buy one.

The Pacific Rim Uprising Robot Spirits action figures and the Pacific Rim Soul of Chogokin Gipsy Danger are available for pre-order at select import sites now, and are scheduled to arrive in February 2018.

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