Do you have a fond memory from your childhood that you want to see brought to the big screen? Don't fret...Hollywood is on it! As more and more studios and producers realize that nostalgia is a powerful motivation for audiences to rush to the theater, expect to see every toy, every game and ever character that you dug as a toddler resurrected for a new generation. The latest of these is Paddington Bear, whose film has a brand new poster.

Although not quite the icon in the United States that he is in England, Paddington is the subject of twenty children's books by writer Michael Bond. The first book, 'A Bear Called Paddington,' was released in 1958 and the latest, 'Paddington Goes For the Gold,' is slated for release this year. As his name suggests, Paddington is a bear, but he's actually an incredible polite, well-mannered bear with the power of speech who is found and adopted by a English family. The character was also the subject of several television series, most notably a 1975 BBC series that combined stop motion with traditional animation.

'Paddington' is scheduled for a 2014 release, so consider this poster a tease in the most literal sense. The film's director, Paul King, showcased his whimsical sense of humor with the cult favorite TV series 'The Mighty Boosh,' which makes him an interesting choice to bring this iconic character to film. Any fans of the books in the audience? What do you think of the poster?

Paddington Poster

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