Here’s a fun exercise: Scan the Vanity Fair photo commemorating 100 years in Paramount Pictures history and try to figure out: 1) Why some actors have been included; and 2) Why certain actors are nowhere to be seen.

As VF claims, this photo shoot compiles "116 of the greatest talents ever to work at the studio." It’s a staggering collection of talent, even if we’re skeptical that more than 5 of the celebrities were ever gathered in the same spot for the benefit of the image. This is the era of Photoshop, and this looks a patchwork quilt of recognizable faces.

Who made the cut? Obviously, the photo showcases Steven Spielberg and his ‘Indiana Jones’ cohort Harrison Ford. Leonardo DiCaprio and Frances Fisher are there for ‘Titanic’ (while Kate Winslet’s a glaring omission). And then such icons as Jack Nicholson, Dustin Hoffman, Robert De Niro, Martin Scorsese, Mickey Rooney … old Hollywood’s well-represented.

The come the head-scratchers. What the hell is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley doing in this photo shoot? Is the ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’ star really one of the 116 best talents to work with Paramount? She might not even be the 116th best talent to work on a Paramount film in 2011! Same goes for Justin Bieber, Dana Carvey and Tyrese. Those four are featured, but Al Pacino – Michael Corleone, himself – is not. Epic fail, Vanity Fair.

And then, when you look even closer, you realize the true reason for this photo shoot: It’s a promotional tool for the upcoming ‘Star Trek 2'. Virtually every cast member from J.J. Abrams’ sequel is included (including Abrams, himself). We can understand putting Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto in the photo spread. But Simon Pegg? Zoe Saldana? Karl Urban? You’re stretching it just a tad, Vanity Fair.

What do you think? Do you like the idea behind the image? Or did VF make bad decisions on who they included, and who they left out?  Click below to see the full image.