A few weeks ago in advance of 'Parks and Recreation's Patton Oswalt-starring episode 'Article Two,' the internet received one of its greatest gifts yet as NBC released the full cut of Patton Oswalt's epic nerd rant about 'Star Wars: Episode 7,' and his own suggestions for introducing characters from the Marvel universe, and pop culture in general. Now, the comedian has offered up his thoughts on the origins of the now-legendary rant, including more pop culture tie-ins we didn't hear!

Fanboy heads exploded several weeks ago, as the full footage of comedian Patton Oswalt's 'Parks and Recreation' rant about 'Star Wars' made its way to the internet and legend at large. The episode in question now behind us, Oswalt answered a few questions about the rant from C2E2 recently, explaining that he hadn't originally intended to carry on for so long.

"If you listen, Amy Poehler Is mic'd and so is Jon Glaser," said Oswalt. "They told me that they just needed me to talk for a minute in the background while Amy Poehler and Jon Glaser had this quick discussion. What I didn't know is that Amy and Aziz and the writers went, 'Don't yell cut and let's see how long he'll talk.'"

Oswalt also relayed that he intended to use 'The Fountain' as a way to incorporate 'The Prisoner's' Patrick McGoohan, but that his mouth dried out before he could continue. As it was, Oswalt's rant had already merged the universes of 'Star Wars,' 'The Avengers,' and even made reference to Hannibal Lecter.

Nothing shows me how realistic what I did was until I read the comments online, where [in mocking voice], 'Oh, so Hawkeye and Black Widow are second tier, and yet, you bring up Moon Knight, which I find very interesting… ' My character is such a douche, basically. I was doing every argument that I'd seen online and I just got the same arguments back.

It still remains to be seen of 'Parks and Recreation' will return for a sixth season, but hopefully Oswalt's historian character could return for another supremely geeky appearance. You can watch the full breadth of Oswalt's rant below, and tell us where you'd like to see Patton Oswalt take his geeky talents next!