Though the exit won't yet take place for a few months, 'Parks and Recreation' fans are already lamenting the series loss of stars Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones, whose characters Chris Traeger and Ann Perkins have already begun to eye their Pawnee exits. 'Parks and Recreation' may have its own scheduling problems for season 5, but Lowe assures fans that both he and Jones will find the space to return to the series, with no Amy Poehler to stand in their way.

Appearing on 'The Late Show' with David Letterman last night, Lowe joked about the reasoning behind his exit with co-star Rashida Jones, placing the blame squarely on series lead Amy Poehler in saying: "Amy Poehler has deeply offended both of us and we're not having it. I have boundaries!" Kidding of course, though Lowe quickly followed up his damning statement with "Amy Poehler is a prick! What are you going to do?"

Still, even after NBC's pushback of the latest 'Parks and Recreation' episodes into November, and the cloudy future of the show beyond the current season, Lowe told Letterman that "We will probably come back. I'll always come back because I love doing that show so much." Lowe certainly won't have gone far from the NBC lot, as we last heard the especially literal funnyman to be setting up tennis comedy 'The Pro,' attached to star as well.

What say you? Would you want to see Rob Lowe return to 'Parks and Recreation' sooner rather than later, or take a bit of time off? Will there even be a 'Parks and Recreation' to come back to?

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