As if we needed further proof that the folks behind 'Parks and Recreation' are the absolute coolest, they have now convinced filmmaker Werner Herzog to guest star on the upcoming seventh and final season. Or maybe this thing we call existence is all just a part of the ongoing experimental art exhibit called Werner Herzog's life, and we're just living in it. Maybe he'll just say yes to anything. Maybe he's available to film and narrate bar mitzvahs. Maybe he's just never been asked.

During a recent talk at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (via Flavorwire), Herzog himself confirmed that he'll indeed be appearing in an episode of 'Parks and Recreation':

[I play] an elderly guy who sells his decrepit house to the young couple who are the leading characters in this, and directly to the camera, I address the audience and I say, ‘You know, I lived in this home for 47 years. And I decided to move out now and sell this because I’m moving to Orlando, Florida, to be close to Disney World.’ I’ve never seen the show, but I hope they kept some of it.

The idea of Herzog moving to Orlando to be close to Disney World definitely sounds like something Herzog might say if he were surrounded by an army of pink plastic flamingoes intended to signify the facile nature of consumerism. We only hope this scene ends with him becoming distracted by a nearby bird and contemplating its existential internal monologue.