Just yesterday we directed you toward some photos snapped from the set of Paul Thomas Anderson’s mysterious new film, which recently began production in England. Those photos may have revealed the title (working or otherwise) for the project, a period drama set in the world of London fashion, which reunites the director with There Will Be Blood star Daniel Day-Lewis — spotted walking among some tombstones in a very attractive sweater. And though it’s not much, a new press release does offer a couple of updates on the project, which, believe it or not, actually does star other people not named Daniel Day-Lewis.

Focus Features sent out an official press release announcing the start of production on Anderson’s latest effort, which they’re still referring to as “untitled.” According to the set photos we saw yesterday, the title might be Phantom Thread — though that may just be a working title, or Anderson’s idea for a new band name.

The studio has also formally announced the addition of Lesley Manville (Mr. Turner, Another Year) and Vicky Krieps (A Most Wanted Man, Hanna) to the cast.

Tucked inside the press release was this intriguing logline, which barely expands on what we already knew of the plot — though it does seem to confirm some recent speculation:

The new movie is a drama set in the couture world of 1950s London. The story illuminates the life behind the curtain of an uncompromising dressmaker commissioned by royalty and high society.

Some have speculated that the “dressmaker” in question might be Charles James, an eccentric fashion designer who was born in Britain and moved to America, where he set up a series of shops to sell his designs and became known as “America’s first couturier.” If true, it’s likely that Anderson’s film is loosely based on James’ life, the same way Boogie Nights was inspired by John Holmes and The Master by L. Ron Hubbard.

Though Focus has yet to set an official date, the studio plans on releasing the film later this year, just in time for awards season — obviously.

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