For a film due out in less than a month,'Pirates! Band of Misfits' has been keeping a low profile. The film is due out April 27 - the week before summer season kicks into full swing with 'The Avengers' - and we haven't heard much about this Aardman animation project. But now there's a TV spot which parodies 'The Hunger Games.'

The film stars Hugh Grant, Brendan Gleesan and Salma Hayek, but this doesn't feel like the normal DreamWorks-styled "sell the film on your name stars and pop culture references" route, which is good. But it also reminds of 'Arthur Christmas,' which was a wonderful Christmas movie that came out last November and didn't seem to make much of an impression. Perhaps this pop culture parody is meant to show this is a with-it film.

Because of the Aardman label this will surely will do better abroad, and the release here is more for show. But it could be a sneak attack. Though there are a number of huge summer releases, none are targeted at little kids. Perhaps some kids under ten will want to see 'Men in Black III'or 'Battleship,' but they could be a bit too much for the wee ones. With the focus on big event films, this could be the alternative. We'll know for sure when the film hits theaters.