Before Pitch Perfect 2 even hit theaters, Universal already began cooking up plans for Pitch Perfect 3, with Rebel Wilson reportedly returning to reprise the role of the beloved Fat Amy. The studio has now made those plans official, and not only is Wilson returning, but so is Anna Kendrick. Aca-obviously.

Although it was previously rumored that Kendrick would be exiting the franchise with Hailee Steinfeld’s character essentially replacing her, THR reports that Kendrick will be returning for the third installment in the franchise after all. As previously reported, Kay Cannon, who wrote the first two films, will return to write Pitch Perfect 3, with Elizabeth Banks also returning to produce.

Kendrick will reprise her role as Becky alongside Wilson’s Fat Amy, with Steinfeld also expected to return following her introduction as a new, key character in Pitch Perfect 2. It’s unclear if Banks will be asked to direct the new sequel; it was recently reported that she’s in talks to helm Universal’s adaptation of the YA novel Red Queen.

In addition, Universal has set a July 3, 2017 release date for Pitch Perfect 3 — there are currently no other films scheduled for that release date, though it may face some stiff competition the following week, when Pirates of the Caribbean 5 hits theaters.