Sort of like SNL’s famous fake commercials, this new mock ad for Pixar Depression accurately satirizes the studio’s latest animated film, Inside Out. Pixar’s newest film has been praised by many as their greatest effort to date thanks to its surprisingly complex exploration of emotions, but you can’t help but laugh at this video, which deftly mocks Riley for sulking through her first world problems.

The moving boxes never arrived. Her dad is busy with his important new job which will provide for the family and keep Riley fed and clothed and happy for many years. She was forced to move to a four-story townhouse that’s probably only shabby because it’s so old — but that’s what makes it more valuable, duh.

Unfortunately, as the video tells us, there is currently no known cure for “Pixar Depression,” but it can worsen due to things like “regular life changes.” Basically, Riley is suffering from an acute case of First World Problems.

Yes, Inside Out is wonderful and thoughtful and informative, but that doesn’t mean it’s immune to a little friendly internet satire. Chin up, Riley. Your life is not so terrible. Okay, the pizza place down the street sucked, but did you bother trying any of the other 800 pizza places in San Francisco before giving up? I’m sure there’s at least a few Pizza Planet trucks floating around because you are in a Pixar movie, after all.

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