I’m moving to Hong Kong.

That’s because that’s where Pizza Hut is serving up slices in some seriously unique and geeky packaging: A pizza box that transforms into a movie projector. No, this is not a plot point in the next Transformers movie, this is really happening in real life (at least in Hong Kong).

This according to The Verge, who found this engineering marvel and describe it in detail. Your pizza gets delivered in one of four different movie-themed boxes ranging from “Slice Night (for horror fans)” to “Anchovy Armageddon (for science-fiction).” There’s also “Hot & Ready (for romance)” and “Fully Loaded (for an action flick).” The so-called “Blockbuster Box” includes a pizza saver that doubles as a projector lens; you pop it out, stick it in a hole in the side of the cardboard, and then prop your smartphone inside. Then via a process of alchemical magic, movies somehow come out. I don’t really understand it, but I’m not a scientist. I’m just a guy who wishes movies came from pizza.

Here I always assumed stoners were Pizza Hut’s target audience. Now I’m starting to wonder if they’re also the ones running the R&D department as well. That would certainly explain the company’s shift away from simple pizza and toward spitting in the face of God Himself, with unholy abomination that combines distinct items into strange genetic hybrids. Not only have they put movie projectors and pizza boxes together, starting June 18 they’re apparently going to unveil a pie with hot dogs inside the crust. No, this is not a plot point in the sequel to Contagionthis is really happening in real life. And you won’t need to go to Hong Kong for that one, either; it appears this meddling in the primal forces of nature innovation is coming to the United States. It should make the perfect late night snack while you’re watching Hot Dog ... The Movie through a piece of cardboard. Here’s a video of this Frankenstein monster in action: