Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie had a blast filming 'Captain America 2,' which was pretty apparent in those blooper reels on the DVD and Blu-ray releases, and they've already teamed up again for a new movie. Watch the first 'Playing It Cool' trailer here.

Yes, Chris Evans is Captain America, and yes, he's realized his love for filmmaking, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have time for more rom-com love. 'Playing It Cool' (once titled 'A Many Splintered Thing') sees Evans as a screenwriter who wants desperately to write action movies, but his agent, played by Mackie, wants him to do a rom-com project as a means of achieving that goal. The writer who doesn't believe in love, however, all of sudden meets his dream woman, though she's already off the market.

The film's essential theme -- as Aubrey Plaza's character puts it, "men and women can't be friends" ... or can they? -- reminds us of that recent Daniel Radcliffe film, 'What If?,' which is basically the same movie as 'Playing It Cool,' just with different characters and scenarios. But this one has 'True Detective' star Michelle Monaghan, Luke Wilson, Topher Grace, Ioan Gruffud (former Mr. Fantastic!) and Phillip Baker Hall, in addition to Evans' Crest commercial-worthy smile.

As with 'Serena,' the trailer for which we also saw today, 'Playing It Cool' has been sitting patiently for some time and doesn't currently have a US release.

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