We’re gonna need a lot more bird stickers. Where previously it was thought that IFC cult hit ‘Portlandia’ might close up its organic fair-trade shop after five seasons, series stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein won’t call it quits anytime soon. Midway through its fifth year, ‘Portlandia’ seasons 6 and 7 have officially been greenlit.

Consisting of 10 episodes apiece, ‘Portlandia’ seasons 6 and 7 will keep Armisen and Brownstein at the center, along with co-creator and director Jonathan Krisel. Previously, Brownstein had claimed in an NPR interview that “Five seasons intuitively feels like the right amount of time for ‘Portlandia’ to be around. I always think people overstay their welcome. It’s better to leave people wanting more. But you never know.”

This time around, Brownstein and Armisen said of the renewal:

We are so excited to get to do more Portlandia with IFC. Getting to work with Jon and our talented writers and crew, it really is our favorite thing in the world. Also, we get to spend more time in Portland!

Across its first five seasons, ‘Portlandia’ has boasted an absurd amount of royal guest stars, including Vanessa Bayer, Steve Buscemi, Jeff Goldblum, Kyle MacLachlan, Kumail Nanjiani, Jason Sudeikis, Olivia Wilde, Roseanne Barr, Selma Blair, Rose Byrne, Kirsten Dunst, Greta Gerwig, Heather Graham, Matt Groening, Oscar the Grouch, Anna Gunn, Bill Hader, Natasha Lyonne, Sarah McLachlan, Seth Meyers, Bobby Moynihan, Patton Oswalt, Aubrey Plaza, Paul Reubens, Tim Robbins, Maya Rudolph, Andy Samberg, Paul Simon, Amber Tamblyn, Eddie Vedder, Kristen Wiig and more.

The dream of more seasons is alive in ‘Portlandia,’ but how much longer will the series run beyond 2017?

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