When the mind thinks of the densest, most sprawling narratives realized over the past couple of decades, the kaiju-influenced action show Power Rangers usually doesn’t pop up first. But a quick scan online would reveal that the series has run for a mind-boggling 837 episodes (and counting!) over the course of 24 seasons since 1993. The series has assumed many forms since then, rebooting itself as a show about ninjas (Power Rangers Ninja Storm), samurai (Power Rangers Super Samurai) and dinosaur-themed warriors (Power Rangers Dino Thunder, Power Rangers Dino Charge, and Power Rangers Dino Super Charge — kids love their dinos). It is, by anybody’s measure, a lot of television.

But is it too much television? This is the central question posed by /Film’s announcement that online streaming service Twitch would stream every episode of Power Rangers in one staggering 17-day marathon beginning on March 14 at 11 a.m. PST. Projected to end some time on the 30th, the marathon will go right through the release of the big-screen Power Rangers treatment scheduled for a big release on March 24 and keep on trucking. Kids and nostalgia aficionados alike can tune in to revisit whichever seasons happened to coincide with that sweet spot in their childhood when kids can’t get enough of the colorfully-clad battlers of evil.

This makes that 24-hour marathon of every Marvel movie look like kids’ stuff, to the point where someone undertaking the entire thing is probably cause for concern. Falling into a Power Rangers vortex is all too easy (who among us can say we haven’t been there?) and 17 days is simply too long to go without showering, eating, or contact with the outside world. So in the coming days, take care of one another. Take joy in our windfall of Power Rangers, but everything in moderation. Even teens in spandex punching foam-and-rubber monsters. Power Rangers hits theaters on March 24.

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