It’s hard to say where exactly AMC’s Preacher would ruffle religious feathers, given the comic has satirized Christianity with gleeful aplomb since 1995. This past Monday’s “Dirty Little Secret” may have tipped the scales, as even the Catholic League is up in arms about an unholy sex scene.

You’re warned of Preacher Season 2 spoilers from here on out, but this past Monday’s episode finally unveiled the secret behind clandestine religious organization “The Grail,” in that Jesus Christ’s bloodline has proliferated in secret to the point that his 25th great-grandson has been severely inbred and goes by the name “Humperdoo.” That would probably earn scathing rebuke from religious authorities on its own, but the fact that Jesus Christ had sex at all seems to draw more ire.

The scene in question was played for laughs in the cold open, as two characters from biblical times engage in an extended sex scene in silhouette; the man’s vapid, hipster dialogue initially obscuring his identity as Jesus Christ. As Fox News reports (yeah, we know), Catholic League president Bill Donohue didn’t take kindly to the joke:

Depicting Jesus in a grotesque sex scene is an assault on the sensibilities of all Christians, as well as people of good will who are not Christians. We have been treated to this kind of fare from some pay-per-view channels, but we are not accustomed to AMC getting into the mud. If this is a signal of what it aspires to become, we will rally Christians against it.

Granted, this is a series where God himself is missing, and angels and demons occupy the same deranged and debauched space as vampires, immortal cowboy killers and a reformed Hitler. Preacher has mostly avoided significant controversy, with some religious figures dismissing the series as “no threat to either the Christian faith or the church.”

For his part, co-creator and executive producer Seth Rogen took the outrage in stride:

Three episodes remain in Preacher’s second season, but will any other religious perversions draw the same attention? Stay tuned for the latest in the meantime.

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