AMC’s Preacher will much more closely resemble its comic source material in Season 2, and not just because Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy have finally hit the road. Two fan-favorite henchman of our new big bad have also been confirmed for the second season, as played by some familiar faces.

For the most part, Preacher has taken to confirming its Season 2 castings passively by trailer, debuting our first look at The Force Awakens star Pip Torrens as Herr Starr, or Game of Thrones alum Noah Taylor as what appeared to be Hitler in Arseface’s version of Hell. Better Call Saul alum Julie Ann Emery was also cast as a series regular, with Timeless star Malcolm Barrett in a recurring role, and their alter-egos should prove familiar to fans.

As Entertainment Weekly reveals, Emery and Barrett will play Featherstone and Hoover, two recurring characters that serve Herr Starr and his organization, The Grail. In the books, both struggle to counter Jesse’s “Word of God” power, and memorably end up conflicting with Herr Starr. Here’s AMC’s description and photo of Featherstone:

One of the Grail’s best operatives, Featherstone reports to Herr Starr. She’s smart, calculating and isn’t afraid to use any means, including her sexuality, to complete her assigned mission. Featherstone has committed her life to the Grail and will stop at nothing to protect their objectives.

Preacher Season 2 Featherstone Hoover

Also joining the cast for Preacher Season 2 are Homeland alum Ronald Guttman and Justin Prentice, while showrunner Sam Catlin teased other comic favorites likely to make surprise appearances. You can watch the latest clips from Season 2 below, and stay tuned for Sunday’s Preacher premiere.

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