Bethesda and Arkane have been playing things rather close to the vest when it comes to Prey 2, but new information has come to light giving some credence to the rumors the Dishonored devs are now working on the sci-fi sequel.

According to company emails acquired by Kotaku, Bethesda and Arkane have been keeping Prey 2 development a tightly guarded secret for some time, but it would appear the cat is out of the bag now. The emails in question are company-wide correspondences with Arkane creative director Raphael Colantonio, which give some detail on the project.

"Austin has officially been green lit for its own project... Doing a new IP was not a possibility because it's adding risk to the challenge of growth, so after going back and forth with Todd, Harvey, Ricardo, we decided that Prey 2 presented an interesting opportunity if we could reboot it. Zenimax accepted our pitch which was 'the spiritual successor to System Shock 3.'"

Arkane split into two studios after the success of Dishonored, with one office in France working on a Dishonored sequel, and one office in Texas now believed to be in charge of Prey 2. Arkane's work on Prey 2 will be entirely new, and have little to nothing to do with Human Head's previous efforts.

It will likely be some time until we see more of Prey 2, let alone getting official confirmation from either the studio or the publisher, but at least we know the project is finally out of limbo. Maybe.