Speculation about what Arkane Studios' was going to do to follow up Dishonored has been running wild since the 2012 game was a hit. Whatever the project is, we now know it's definitely a next generation title.

Parent company Bethesda actually broke the news on its official blog, citing a few openings at Arkane's Austin studio. "Arkane Studios is ramping up on what comes next — next-gen development," the post read. "While we can’t talk about what’s on the horizon, we wanted to let prospective game developers know that they’re already building up their team for the next project."

Earlier this summer, it was reported Arkane was secretly working on Prey 2, though there's been little in the way of actual proof. Dishonored was a great first effort, and we're excited to see what Arkane has in store, regardless if it's a new game or sequel.