The tyranny of midseason means Prison Break fans won’t get to see the new season until 2017, unless you’re at Comic-Con 2016. Kidding! A first full clip has already escaped, in which Michael Scofield once gain gets his Prison Break on. Hey, I just got that!

Fresh out of Comic-Con 2016, the Prison Break panel premiered a new clip from the 2017 revival, in which Michael uses his formidable expertise to kick off a chain of events that ends with his group outside of prison walls. The kicker? For whatever reason, the elaborate Prison Break all hinges on a stick of gum.

In addition to Robert Knepper, Rockmund Dunbar, Amaury Nolasco and Sarah Wayne Callies joining Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell, says the full synopsis:

In the drama’s new chapter, when clues surface that suggest a previously thought-to-be-dead Michael may be alive, Lincoln and Sara reunite to engineer the series’ biggest escape ever, as three of Fox River State Penitentiary’s most notorious escapees, T-Bag, C-Note and Sucre, are pulled back into the action.

Set partially in Yemen, and based on The Odyssey, the new series will include among its prison-breaking cast Mark Feurestein, Augustus Prew, Rick Yune and Steve Mouzakis. On the creative side, the revival will return original Prison Break creator and producing team Paul T. Scheuring, Neal Moritz, Marty Adelstein and Dawn Olmstead, Scheuring serving as showrunner and writer.

Stay tuned for the latest, particularly as Fox sets a firmer 2017 airdate, and watch the first trailer below.

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