This summer, the PS Vita will receive a new bundle, which includes the complete first season of Telltale's The Walking Dead, plus The Walking Dead: 400 Days.

Sony kicked off its E3 press conference on Monday night with a big announcement for the Vita. While most of the focus from the industry has been on what's next for the PlayStation 4, Sony America CEO Jack Tretton wasn't about to let anyone forget about the little handheld that could.

Though we already knew Telltale's The Walking Dead would be making its way to the Vita at some point this year, we didn't know Sony was planning on pushing the Vita version so hard. To make the bundle that much more impressive, Tretton also revealed The Walking Dead: 400 Days, new DLC Telltale's been hyping for the last week, would come included as well.

Sony is definitely stepping up its Vita game, and the handheld just might prove to be a hit yet.