The upcoming PlayStation 3 game, Puppeteer, has received a brand new video that details the game's story and how Kutaro gains powers from different heads.

The lesson one should learn from the video above is that you simply should not upset an evil Moon Bear King, because he'll rip off your head and eat it. That is that fate that the poor boy Kutaro suffered, so now he must accept the help of a strange cat in order to find news heads, use their powers and return home.

Art Director Gavin Moore speaks in the video and talks about how the team at SCE Worldwide Studios has worked hard to bring a great amount of variety to the game. He promises that we won't see the same thing twice and that Puppeteer, above all else, is all about craftsmanship.

Watch the video and let us know if it piques your interest about Kutaro and his adventures. Watch out for the game when it makes it onto the PlayStation 3 on Sept. 10, 2013.