Quentin Tarantino has the ability to cast just about any actor he wants to. Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bruce Willis, Robert De Niro - you know the list. But what top-tier actor is the writer-director most anxious to team up with next? Why, none other than Jack Sparrow himself, Johnny Depp! How's that for a movie geek's dream?

In a chat with PBS talk show host Charlie Rose (via The Playlist), the 'Django Unchained' helmer revealed that he and Mr. Depp have already had discussions about a potential team-up. But is it actually likely to happen?

We would love to work together... We’ve talked about it for years. Not that we get together and talk about it for years, but from time to time. We’re obviously fans of each other. It just needs to be the right character. I just need to write the right character that I think Johnny would be the right guy to do it with. And if he agrees, then we’ll do it. And then it’ll be magical. I haven't written the perfect character for Johnny Depp as of yet. Maybe someday I will, maybe someday I won't. We'll see.

Tarantino is famous for writing characters for specific actors, so as is evident from that quote, it's not a stretch to think he and Depp will be making beautiful music together in the near future. Unfortunately for the rest of us, QT's next film is unknown (well, maybe). It's still probably going to be a while before we see this epic pairing come to fruition.

As for Depp, he's always down for a challenge, and goes gloriously over-the-top when called upon. Can you imagine what Tarantino's dialogue would sound like rolling off his tongue? (In fact, we may have actually gotten a preview of the possibilities when Depp played a shifty FBI agent in 'Once Upon a Time in Mexico', which was directed by Tarantino's longtime friend and collaborator Robert Rodriguez.)

And what other actors does Quentin want in front of his camera? Michael Caine and Meryl Streep, which immediately conjures all kinds of amazing ideas in our head. We need to see Streep as a vengeful, foul-mouthed badass pronto or we won't ever be happy again.

Watch Charlie Rose's entire interview with Tarantino below.