Anyone familiar with CW breakout Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (and if not, get to Netflixin’!) likely knows Rachel Bloom has a storied history of viral hits. In fact, it almost placed her among the SNL cast, for which the Golden Globe-winner now releases her audition, featuring Katharine Hepburn as Bugs Bunny.

It started with SNL’s recent tweet polling fans for Season 42 host suggestions, a great many of which pointed toward the fan-favorite Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star. Bloom graciously joked that she might finally get to perform the bit from her 2012 audition, which Entertainment Weekly then challenged her to release. The rest, as they say, is Katharine Hepburn auditioning for Space Jam.

What? People say that.

Tragically, SNL has rarely called on CW stars as potential hosts, but it might work to Bloom’s advantage that she once interned for the long-running sketch comedy series as well. In any case, SNL Season 42 has yet to announce any official hosts, or even a premiere date. Does Bloom deserve the spot?

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