Remember that ‘Raging Bull’ sequel MGM was making with director Martin Guigui (‘My X-Girlfriend’s Wedding Reception’), with William Forsythe playing an older version of boxer Jake LaMotta? Well, it’s no longer called ‘Raging Bull II.’ It’s new title will be ‘The Bronx Bull.’ And oh yeah, it’s no longer a ‘Raging Bull’ sequel at all.

MGM and producer Dahlia Waingort issued a statement (picked up by distancing their film from Martin Scorsese’s seminal boxing drama, which earned Robert De Niro an Academy Award for his terrifying portrayal of LaMotta in and out of the ring. Virtually everyone we spoke to thought a sequel to Scorsese’s work was a bad, bad idea. Now Waingort has come to his senses and seems to agree.

Here’s the full statement from MGM:

The parties have amicably reached a resolution of their pending litigation, pursuant to which production of a film based upon certain events in the life of Jake LaMotta will proceed under the working title ‘The Bronx Bull.’ That film is not related in any way to the 1980 motion picture entitled ‘Raging Bull,’ and MGM is not associated with the film in any respect. Neither party will have any further statements regarding this matter.

Thank the courts! Who knows? Maybe ‘The Bronx Bull’ will be as visceral, poignant and gut-wrenching as ‘Raging Bull.’ Maybe Forsythe will tap into an animalistic current and channel a brutal boxer, forcing us to compare him to De Niro in his prime. But the idea of a ‘Raging Bull’ sequel rubbed us the wrong way from the moment this project had been announced, so we’re kind of glad to see ‘Bronx’ officially separated from ‘Raging.’

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