'Raging Bull' is arguably Martin Scorsese's finest piece of film making. A movie that stands on its own with it's own story to tell that never required a sequel. But this is Hollywood we're talking about, and Scorsese clears the air on the possibility of a 'Raging Bull II.'

In an interview with GQ magazine, Scorsese was rather frank with his opinion on doing a sequel to the classic film about a boxer's rise to the top and the self-destructive behavior that causes him to come crashing back down.

GQ: So what do you make of this news that there's going to be a Raging Bull II?
Martin Scorsese: I have no idea. That's the second time I've heard it. The Argentinian director?

GQ: Yes, Martin Guigui. He directed National Lampoon's Cattle Call.
Martin Scorsese: Really?

GQ: How do you feel about it?
Martin Scorsese: Oh, nothing I could say about it except I don't think I could revisit the material, as they say. I think we said what we had to say at that time. All of us moved on. Different aspects of the same story basically keep making the rounds. You know?

GQ: What aspects?
Martin Scorsese: Rise and fall and self-destruction and the suffering and somehow coming through, in some cases. Coming through the suffering so that you change in a way. I don't know. It's dealing with yourself, really. Ultimately, at the end of Raging Bull, he's looking in a mirror and he's at comfort with himself, to a certain extent. He's not fighting, he's not beating himself up. That's all. So, I don't know where they're going to go.

GQ: To me that film felt so complete.
Martin Scorsese: Yeah. I think it is in terms of the time and place that it covered from him on stage, that's entertainment to him at the mirror at the end of the story and telling those aspects of his life. Yes. I really don't know what Raging Bull II would be.

I think it's safe to say that in today's Hollywood it would be a film filled with non-stop shakey cam moments, CGI blood and riveting performances by Jeremy Piven and Kristen Stewart.

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