Great Scott! 1.21 jigowatts!  Additional exclamations!  We may not keep up with FOX's thriving family comedy 'Raising Hope' all that often, but when 'Back to the Future' gets thrown into the mix, you can bet we're gonna see some serious sh*t.  Not only that, but it seems Doc Brown himself Christopher Lloyd will guest star on the episode to get in on the fun!  But where (or when) could 'Raising Hope' go with a 'Back to the Future' episode, and who could Lloyd play if not himself?

Roads?  Where 'Raising Hope' is going in an upcoming episode, it won't need roads.  What it will need however, is our eyeballs glued to the screen as Christopher Lloyd drops by for a 'Back to the Future'-themed episode!  Entertainment Weekly was the first to break the news, confirming that an upcoming episode would feature Lloyd appearing as Dennis Powers, a loan collector who contacts the Chances about an old debt when Jimmy (Lucas Neff) and Sabrina (Shannon Woodward) consider buying a new car on credit.

And don't you worry, while we're not certain how, Lloyd will sit in the driver's seat of a DeLorean at some point over the course of the episode.  We're reasonably certain it's in his contract.

'Raising Hope' isn't Christopher Lloyd's first gig with Fox either (see what we did there?), as last year saw the iconic 'Back to the Future' star guesting in an episode of 'Fringe.'  Will you tune into see Chrisopher Lloyd on 'Raising Hope's 'Back to the Future' episode?

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