We the Force Studios will be bringing their action-platformer, Randall, to the Xbox 360 and PC. The ability to read minds and a choice-heavy narrative? We can dig it.

Thanks to Polygon, we've gotten a look at the Mexican developer's first game, which will be a side-scrolling action-platformer set in a dystopian city in the future, and plagued by a mineral that warps the minds of the people.

The mineral amplifies its victims sense of fear or turns them into easily-manipulated puppets. Randall, however, receives the ability to read others' minds, which he'll use to stop and evil corporation from controlling the world.

The game will take players five hours to beat and might be released on the Xbox One, too. No further info was given, such as price, but you can check out the trailer above if this game has piqued your interest.

We can't read minds, so let us know what you think about this title in the comments below.