Once in a great while, a cosplay is so on point, it's almost as if the character is truly standing in front of you. While God of War's Kratos is certainly a character most muscular men could interpret if they were willing to shave their heads, Tsvetan Hristov is as close to the real deal we've ever seen. So real, he's taken up the persona of "The Real Kratos," and now he wants to make a 'God of War' movie.

Hristov has turned to Kickstarter to attempt funding for the 15-minute short. He and his team are seeking $295,000 to craft a story where Kratos battles Odysseus, which will serve as a test reel of sorts to show how perfect Hristov would be for a full-length feature. There are only four tiers of donations available, ranging from $8 to $400, and thus far Hristov has only raised about $200 of the funds. The Kickstarter runs until Aug. 23, so there's still time, but it's unlikely this short will be made at this point.

It's a shame, too, as Hristov's "Real Kratos" persona has a sizeable online following, and even a God of War fan film would be better than the nothing Sony's produced so far. You can learn more about the life of the living embodiment of the God of War by checking out his website and Twitter. Even if the short doesn't get made, we have a feeling Hristov won't be ditching his alter ego anytime soon.