Somewhere, Samuel L. Jackson is dropping a steady stream of MF-er bombs.

That’s because an actual snake was found on a plane flying over Australia. And while Jackson wasn’t needed to dispatch the lethal stowaways, the pilot did say he was justifiably spooked.

“I turned [the plane] around and got it headed back towards Darwin there and said ‘Look, you’re not going to believe this. I’ve got snakes on a plane’,” said Braden Blennerhassett.

He was the lone passenger on an Air Frontier plane, and the air traffic controllers made sure that they had snake catchers waiting on the runway to retrieve the serpent. At the time of this report, the snake had eluded capture, however, by sneaking into the control panel.

I smell a sequel!

This story comes to us from our sister site The FW, who also shared this video post of Blennerhassett sharing his ordeal: