Looks like Goran Visnjic doesn't have a preference for playing doctors, but rather any role where he can get blood on his hands. The former 'ER' star is finally making a return to series regular status, four years after the medical drama left the air, but will he get his hands on the 'Red Widow' of ABC's new mid-season drama? Has the good doctor's benevolent streak finally given out?

According to Deadline, former 'ER' Croatian dream-doc Goran Visnjic has been added to the cast of ABC's upcoming mob drama 'Red Widow,' set to debut sometime in 2013. Rather than portray a new character for the series, however, Visnjic will take over the role of Schiller, a mob boss portrayed in the pilot episode by 'The River’ star Thomas Kretschmann.

'Red Widow' follows actress Rahda Mitchell as Marta Walraven, a wife and mother looking for answers after the mafia murders her husband, who had a dangerous past association of his own. Visnjic joins fellow new 'Red Widow' series regular Clifton Collins Jr.

Following his extensive 'ER' run, the actor has also held guest arcs on 'Pan Am' and 'Leverage,' though 'Red Widow' will be his first major return to television.

What say you? Do you think the actor feels better served as a mob boss than a doctor? Will you watch 'Red Widow' when it premieres next year? Give us your take in the comments below!