We live in a world where at times it's a little more difficult for people to go to the movies. The general appeal isn't as strong anymore, especially with the advent of HDTVs and digital rentals. How can you win over movie-goers in this digital age? Well Redbox has a plan which integrates their tried-and-true rental system with getting more people in the theaters.

Redbox is that one kiosk you can't ignore when you walk past it. It's literally a huge red box that's constantly playing movie trailers whenever you walk by it. It managed to obliterate Blockbuster, the once reigning king of video rentals, and now is sitting comfortably at the top. But now Michael Pachter, head of Wedbush Securities, sister company of Coinstar which owns Redbox, knows that they're moving forward with a different strategy.

Deadline reports that Redbox is looking to launch a new "business concept," meaning that they're planning to sell movie tickets through their kiosks along with video rentals. Basically Redbox is looking to lend a helping hand to the studio system which is still in some ways struggling thanks to the new wave of digital technology and lack of appeal to head to the movies.

This isn't entirely a strange move, given the fact that a variety of distributors have been thinking of different ways to give out tickets for decades. They've given out discounts attached to their latest DVD releases, so something of this magnitude isn't too surprising. Actually, this is a really smart move that may gradually help ticket sales. They're already testing out the market this year with this new concept, here's hoping it lifts off.