DFC, a firm that conducts strategic market research and provides consultation, has released a report that projects that the Xbox One's E3 showing will lead to the brand's demise. Ouch.

According to MCV, DFC's report says that "Microsoft's overall strategy for entertainment devices is deeply flawed," and the brand's public relations failures could jeopardize Microsoft's future in gaming.

On the other hand, the firm might raise its sales forecast for the PlayStation 4 while lowering the Xbox One's even further.

“So far this has not had a major negative impact on the Xbox business but that is likely to change with the Xbox One launch," David Cole, owner of DFC, said. "Right now the entire future of Microsoft's consumer entertainment business is in question and that is likely to have a major impact on the game industry.”

Let us know what you think about this prediction and whether or not you believe that Microsoft will remain in the world of gaming for the foreseeable future.