While we all hope that a Raccoon City-like incident never happens, there are more than a few zombie fans who'd love nothing more than to become a zombie-slaying hero, just like Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, and other Resident Evil characters. During this summer, at Universal Studios Japan, they just might get their chance.

According to Kotaku, the park will feature an attraction called "Resident Evil The Real" that will last up to ten minutes. You'll receive a model gun with limited ammo with which you can shoot some of the series' signature creeps, like the Licker and other Bio-Organic Weapons.

The attraction is styled like police and military shooting exercises, and takes place in the Palace Theater, located in the park's New York area.

Just reading the attraction's short description has us excited to check out this Resident Evil experience, if only to see whether or not a bunch of typewriters and green herbs will be scattered throughout the place.

Will you be hopping on a plane to Japan this summer to get a chance to shoot zombies in their face-holes? Let us know in the comments!