The eternal question of Comedy Central’s Review asks why Forrest MacNeil won’t end his suffering, and Season 3 may finally give us that answer. Recount the horrors he’s already been subjected to, and see Forrest prepare for the end with a first and final trailer for Review Season 3.

Following official confirmation that Review will make its final return on Thursday, March 16, Comedy Central released the first new footage since October of 2015. As you can imagine, there’s only more suffering in store for Forrest in his family, while the synopsis reads:

‘Review’ stars Andy Daly as critic Forrest MacNeil, who does not review boring things like films, food or art. Instead, Forrest reviews the most intense experiences of life itself – by living them. From the dangers of being buried alive to the thrills of joining the mile high club, Forrest fully commits to showing us what life feels like, sometimes at the expense of his safety, his family and humanity in general.

For those unfamiliar, Review follows Daly as “Life Reviewer” Forrest MacNeil, whose earnest attempts to review any and all experiences his “audience” suggests has increasingly ruined his life. The series also stars Megan Stevenson, Jessica St. Clair and Venture Bros. voice James Urbaniak.

We’ll see more before the final Review season begins next week, but build your anticipation with an upsetting number of pancakes in the meantime.

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