While J.J. Abrams and Eric Kripke's post-apocalyptic adventure series 'Revolution' enjoys a steady climb in NBC's ratings and regard, there's no denying that much of the show's charm comes from gruff, yet charming rogue Miles Matheson ('Twilight's' Billy Burke). Originally cast in the villainous role of General Monroe (now played by David Lyons), Burke's starring turn in the hit NBC series has afforded him exposure the 'Twilight' films have not, playing Bella's seldom-seen father Charlie Swan.

With the 'Twilight' series ending after 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2,' however, could some of the famed stars appear on 'Revolution'?

With the 'Twilight' series coming to an end after the release of the fifth film in in the series, the inevitable questions have begun to circulate of where its stars could potentially land, be it in films or on the TV landscape. Well, where better than to follow Billy Burke onto TV, guesting on NBC's latest hit drama 'Revolution'?

Don't expect Edward Robert Pattinson, Bella Kristen Stewart or even Taylor Lautner to appear on the series any time soon, in spite of the latter's past role on NBC series 'My Own Worst Enemy.' In fact, Billy Burke would rather keep it that way, not having any past 'Twilight' stars appear! Burke recently spoke to TVGuide, admitting:

It would just be weird if any of those actors showed up on ['Revolution']. I think it would be distracting. I love all of them, every single one of them to death, but to have even a cameo would just take you out of the show. So, my answer is: Sorry guys, I love you all, but none of you.

Admittedly, the leads likely won't be hurting for work after the 'Twilight' film series comes to an end, but should 'Revolution' manage to overcome its 2013 hiatus and last a few more seasons, we'll see what the NBC brass says then.

What say you? Would you like to see any of the 'Twilight' stars appear on 'Revolution'? Give us your casting choices in the comments!