Whether or not you enjoyed the pilot episode of NBC's post-apocalyptic thriller 'Revolution' (we did!), there's no denying that America caught the buzz with a record 11 million viewers.  Now, the world waits on bated breath to see if the show can continue on well enough beyond its premiere, with Charlie (Tracy Spiradakos), her uncle Miles (Billy Burke) and the rest out on the de-lectrified landscape, but what new characters might we meet?  How about Mark Pellegrino, Todd Stashwick and Colin Ford, all 'Supernatural' alum of show-runner Eric Kripke's?

Eric Kripke may not be the brains behind 'Supernatural' anymore, but he sure brought a few of his friends along for 'Revolution's inaugural season.  Cementing his personal need to appear in every program since the dawn of televised existence, genre vet Mark Pellegrino ('LOST's Jacob, 'Supernatural's Lucifer) will portray a militia officer in 'Revolution's third episode.

Joining Pellegrino are Todd Stashwick ('Supernatural's Dracula) and Colin Ford (young Sam Winchester) playing a drug lord in the sixth episode and the brother of a boy taken by militia in the seventh episode, respectively.  Don't mix those up.

Perhaps not the biggest roles, but hey, if in a few years time 'Revolution' has caught on for additional seasons, guess which sirs Padalecki and Ackles are going to be in need of new jobs?  Just sayin'.

What about you?  Did you catch the premiere of 'Revolution?'  What did you think?  Give us your picks in the comments for who you'd like to see pop up in J.J. Abrams' post-apocalyptic world!

(Via TVLine)