Disney's re-imagining of the classic 'Sleeping Beauty' story has been picking up steam in the last week or so with casting news, but 'Maleficent' has one more name to throw into the mix: legendary visual effects artist Rick Baker.

Baker, on tour to promote 'Men in Black III,' spoke to ComingSoon.net about his participation in the upcoming film, which stars Angelina Jolie in the titular role as evil queen Maleficent. The effects veteran said, "I designed the make-up for Angelina Jolie. At this point, I’m actually finished with that part of it."

In the original story, Maleficent eventually turns into a magnificent dragon, which we're assuming is the other part on which Baker will be working his magic. Maleficent's basic look involves a cloak-like gown and a horned headdress -- simple work for such an accomplished designer. It's that whole dragon thing that has us more interested in what Baker will cook up next.

'Maleficent' also stars Imedla Staunton, Lesley Manville, and Miranda Richardson as the fairies who look after Princess Aurora. As for that charming little princess? Elle Fanning has been aptly cast as the Sleeping Beauty. Sharlto Copley of 'District 9' fame was also brought on board to play Stefan, a half-human, half-fairy hybrid.