The American port of The Office may have long-since passed us by (man, remember when Steve Carell did comedy?), but the UK version lives on in its leading man David Brent, once again brought to life by Ricky Gervais. See for yourself in the first Life on the Road trailer, returning the ex-Wernham-Hogg manager for a music career.

Gervais shared a first official trailer for the upcoming feature, though the comedian has urged viewers not to think of Life on the Road as a film extension of the original BBC Office series. This time out, Gervais’ David Brent will be followed by a film crew following his travels up and down the country in pursuit of his rock star dreams.

See for yourself below:

And so reads the synopsis:

Set 15 years after the events of The Office, David Brent, a sales rep after leaving Wernham Hogg, is on tour. He believes he will be filmed like Martin Scorsese did with The Rolling Stones — although it’s actually a ‘where are they now’ type documentary. He takes a holiday to tour with his band Foregone Conclusion but has to use his pension to fund part of his rock concert, as the ticket sales are less than he can afford to pay his band members.

Worth noting, Gervais’ Office co-creator Stephen Merchant is not involved with Life on the Road. The film itself will hit UK theaters on August 19, as well as American audiences sometime that month.

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