'Ride Along' is still in theaters and still raking in the big bucks at the box office, but 'Ride Along 2' is already in the works. To be more specific, the sequel is eyeing a summer shoot and a 2015 release date, making this one of the fastest turnarounds for a sequel we've ever seen.

Deadline reports that 'Ride Along 2' will see the return of stars Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, along with director Tim Story. What we don't know are story details. After all, the sequel can't just have Hart's in-over-his-head security guard go on another disastrous ride along with Ice Cube's bad-tempered police officer, right? However, 'Ride Along 2' will reportedly feature more action and a more "multi-cultural" cast to appeal to international markets. Between that and the fact that this entire movie is being thrown together in a few months, this is looking like one of the more cynically made films we've seen in a while.

But can you really blame 'em? 'Ride Along' opened to $41 million and is well on its way to a more than $150 million gross. Universal is striking while the iron is hot. Hopefully, it'll get a good movie out of it.

The big question is when 'Ride Along 2' will actually hit theaters, since another Kevin Hart movie (Sony's 'The Wedding Ringer') is scheduled to open on MLK weekend in 2015.

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