Ride Along made $134 million in the U.S. Ride Along 2 made $90.8 million. Ice Cube and Kevin Hart made a fun pair, and audiences enjoyed their buddy cop friction.

I think you see where this is going. Do I even need to say it?

Fine: Ride Along 3.

TheWrap reports that director Tim Story is already at work on a Ride Along 3, with both Cube and Hart expected to return to complete the epic Ride Along trilogy. Story’s quote:

We’re writing the script right now, we’re writing away and basically, I’m waiting to see some pages and we’re excited for the idea and what it can be and of course bringing Kevin [Hart] and Ice Cube back together because they are the greatest odd couple in the world. I’m impatiently waiting for a script to be given to me. We have some great ideas.

I can only imagine those ideas. Cube and Hart go into outer space? Or perhaps they join the Army and are sent to quell the violence in the Middle East with good-natured ribbing. Maybe this is a more serious picture, where the characters encounter a shocking act of violence, and spend the remainder of the episode working through the trauma in therapy. Maybe they’ll introduce aliens to the mix, and the whole thing will be a metaphor for feeling like an outsider in modern America. Or they could join the Los Angeles Dodgers and play the Cleveland Indians, merging the Ride Along and Major League franchises.

Or they’ll just go on another ride along. Yeah, probably just another ride along.

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