Think you have what it takes to be the star of a major summer blockbuster? Repeat after me. "I don’t know." "Weird, man." "What?" "Yo, hey!" Now you too can be on your way to blockbuster stardom!

These are just a few of the lines pop superstar Rihanna had to recite for her role in ‘Battleship,’ Universal’s board-game-to-big-screen blockbuster that, well...let’s just say underperformed at the box office in its opening weekend.

Don’t blame Rihanna, though, she did her best with the strong-but-nearly-silent role of Petty Officer Cora 'Weps' Raikes, who comes to the aide of Lieutenant Alex Hopper (Taylor Kitsch) when aliens invade off Hawaii’s coast. But she wasn't given a whole lot to work for.

Vulture captured every line of dialogue the pop singer spoke in 'Battleship' and suffice it to say, you could do this, too. Take this excerpt of eight consecutive lines she says in the film: "Boom." "Yeah!" "Get up!" "Let’s go!" "Go, go, go!" "Yes, sir." "Oh yes sir." "Awesome."


Here is the full list of Rihanna’s ‘Battleship’ soundbites. The Best Supporting Actress Oscar race

"What's wrong with you drama queen?
"Get up princess! Come on!"
"Shut up. Shut up."
"Oh, this gon' be sweet. He hates the man."
"You go mess with him and see what happens!"
"Kentucky Fried Chicken!"
"You look like Colonel Sanders, actually."
"Yo Saunders, ever been in a department run by some kind of Donald Trump/Mike Tyson mutant combo?"
"Nothing, sir."
"If you did, it was only in reference to the fact the you both project great physical intensity, sir."
"I got something sir, on my camera."
"I don’t know."
"Is this some kind of exercise?"
"You ever seen anything like this?"
"Weird, man."
"Real bad idea, Lieutenant."
"Lieutenant, get up."
"Come on, you with me?"
"Come on, squared away?"
"What the hell is that?"
"What happened?"
"Who’s in charge?"
"Fire control’s offline. I need three minutes."
"(Heavy sigh)"
"My dad said they’d come. Said it my whole life. He said one day we’d find them, or they’d find us. Know what else he said? He said, I hope I aint around when that day comes."
"No sir!"
"Nothing sir, nothing."
"Yo, hey!"
"Come on, come on, come on."
"Mahalo, motherfu—"
"What the hell is that?"
"Roger, Echo 1-1."
"Box 24. Ready to fire."
"India 3-7, locked."
"Sir, we’re hot over here. We’re good to go, let’s light ‘em up."
"Tango 1-9, loaded."
"Whiskey 2-5."
"Negative, sir, it’s moving all over the place. I can’t get a line on it."
"Sucker’s really jumping around."
"40 minutes sir."
"Contact is seven minutes out and closing fast."
"Contact two miles out."
"Contact ETA 21 seconds."
"Get up!"
"Let’s go!"
"Go, go, go!"
"Yes, sir."
"Oh yes sir."
"Sir, we’ll be in weapons range in 5 minutes."
"Aimed at target."
"Sir, that’s the wrong direction!"
"Come on, take the picture, Beast."
"Come on, Hopper!"
"Look dapper!"