As we said yesterday, it seems like there's going to be new TV spots almost every day until the release of 'The Avengers,' Marvel's biggest film under their banner. So now we get a TV spot that gives Robert Downey Jr. the spotlight as he talks to Tom Hiddleston's Loki.

This footage is one of the first pieces Marvel ever made public. Downey Jr. ticking off his team's resume was the highlight of D23's upcoming movies presentation. Of course now its got more completed action footage, and it's a smart piece to use to sell the movie. He is talking about the team.

This inundation of ad material feels like Marvel covering their bases to make sure this opens above any of their other previous films. As this is a sequel it's going to be front loaded, and so my guess is that they're going to try to get to 'Hunger Games' numbers. Which would be impressive as the biggest opening they've had so far has been 'Iron Man 2' with $128 Million. That though wasn't in 3-D (it was in Imax). But 3-D didn't help push 'Captain America' or 'Thor' over $200 Million domestic. So far Iron Man is still the biggest star they have. Which is why cutting commercials around Downey Jr. makes a whole lot of sense.