Right on the heels of the release date announcement for 'Captain America 2', there's a new TV spot for 'The Avengers' which highlights the role of Chris Evans's Steve Rogers -  aka Captain America - in the film. They are selling him as the leader, which fits with what Joss Whedon was saying about the film a couple months back.

What this also suggests is that we're going to get character-specific TV spots shortly. If Evans is the star of this commercial, surely we'll get one which gives Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man his moment in the sun, and perhaps even Jeremy Renner will get a minute to show his master assassin Hawkeye.

And it's hard not to note that Marvel is on an advertising blitz right now with this movie. It seems every day there's a new commercial or clip. Perhaps by the time of the film's May 4 release date a good twenty to thirty minutes of the film will be available online. Such is the way of modern marketing, but it also gives a sense that Marvel really wants this to be huge.

But who doesn't think this won't be big? Is there any way this film doesn't have a hundred million opening weekend? We wouldn't bet against it.