You haven‘t seen someone go on a neurotic, cabin fever-fueled search for a New York City hot dog until you’ve seen Robert Pattinson go on a neurotic, cabin fever-fueled search for a New York City hot dog.

In the short film, which was written by Pattinson himself to go along with his fantastic new GQ profile, Pattinson is wracked by antsy-ness and determined to go out into the streets of New York to find a hot dog after he sees a man eating one outside his hotel room. (That man, Vikram Gandhi, directed the short.) What follows is a nerve-wracking search that rivals the intensity of Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk.

Pattinson has pretty much been clawing his way to a comeback ever since starring in the Twilight movies opposite Kristen Stewart, who’s also been proving herself a genuinely great actress in her own right since then. With three movies out this year — James Gray’s The Lost City of Z and the Safdies’ Good Time, both of which have been critically hailed, and Queen of the Desert, which wasn’t — Pattinson is proving himself another great, underrated actor who no doubt has a wide, weird career ahead of him. And a short like this one also showcases his capacity for humor: He’s really funny! Can we get Robert Pattinson in some kind of weird, Swiss Army Man-style comedy soon please?

Good Time hits theaters August 11.

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